The secret to the best airfares

Everyone (myself included) want to get the best airfares possible when travelling. There are different theories out there floating around - some of them are laughable, others might have some truth to them.

Here's what my 2 decades in the business has taught me about how to get the best airfares..............


  • Travel agents often have access to wholesale fares when you are travelling Internationally. This means that the rates are often lower than the airline themselves.
  • Typically travelling Monday to Thursday is a bit cheaper on these International flights, however it's always subject to availability.

Now think about an airplane as let's say it has 208 seats on the aircraft. Every 8 seats is broken down into a letter of the alpha bet. Let's say your cheapest seats are the letter A, well once A sells out of their 8 seats, we move onto the B seats at a slightly higher fare. Once those are gone you move up to the C seats and so on. So it may not matter on the day of the week, but more so on how full the flights you are looking at.

The further in advance you book, the more availability there should be (so the more A and B seats so to speak). Popular dates like Christmas, New Years, Spring Break etc. of course fill up quickly, but if booked in advance you should have success with reasonable fares for those time periods. Flights usually come into the systems about 10 - 11 months in advance.

Flexibility is key - we often get inquiries where people say "My dates aren't flexible" but yet when we send you an itinerary that could be say $300 cheaper per person and there are 4 of you traveling, suddenly you might find yourself flexible


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