To Tip or not To Tip......that is the question......

20 years in the travel industry and 17 trips to different All Inclusive resorts..........tipping is always a hot topic.

Now there are certain chains of resorts that do no allow staff members to accept tips. (Sandals and Beaches resorts would be an example, except you can tip in the spa and your Butler's if you have one). However most resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean allow their staff to receive tips.

Shuttle Drivers - again a few dollars can go a long way - suggestion is to tip $1-$2 per bag

Baggage Handlers - similar to the shuttle drivers - if they are happy to take your luggage and bring it to your room, then what's a few dollars for you to spare

Maids/Room Attendants - whatever you want the job title to be called - it's a Thankless job. While some people wait to tip at the end of the week, many of the staff will actually rotate each day and you may not have the same person twice. My suggestion is to tip $2- $3USD per day per room. Now if you brought the kids along with you and the room is extra messy - definitely put a $5 or more!


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